Caitlin, is an amazing realtor.

Caitlin, is an amazing realtor. My girlfriend and I were new to the area and just looking to rent. With little experience of the area we were both worried that we would not get the perfect fit and/or not be able to find a realtor willing to help us. However I just had to call Caitlin once and she was ready to go! She looked all over the city for us while we were 1500 miles away and even had to show a place on face time for us. We were just renting but she gave us an experience like we were buying. She went way above and beyond the call of duty! She knows Baltimore really well, she loves the city while always giving you her honest opinion. She is a great realtor and I would/will highly recommend her to anyone new to the city. We will be using her hopefully again to buy. I look at a realtor as creating a business relationship that can last for many years and if you want that then Caitlin is your realtor.